A wonderful, one-of-a-kind Bharatnatyam program by Silambam Phoenix. Sponsored by Akshaybhasha, a non-profit organization for fundraising for Pallium India dedicated to palliative care in India. This is a grassroots level effort in order to bring wholesomeness to the Indian medical system, which is not geared towards taking care of the ageing and chronically ill population such as those suffering from dementia, heart/kidney/lung failure, cancers etc. Palliative care, that includes hospice care, is to achieve quality of life by relieving health related pain and suffering. Given our deep ties to our motherland, our donations will not be only for the philanthropic reasons but also an investment in our own medical future.


Donate generously at akshaybhasha.org to help build a strong base of palliative care in India.


Box Office: Tue. - Sat., 12 PM - 5 PM;  Sun. - Mon. - CLOSED

Box Office Phone: 480-644-6500