Museum and Cultural Advisory Board

The Museum and Cultural Advisory Board is a group of Mayor-appointed Mesa citizens who have an interest in cultural activities and support the Arts and Culture Department. Among their duties, they advise City Council on policies relating to arts and culture facilities and services; advise City Council on policies relating to Public Art; make recommendations to City Council on fees and charges; attend programs and events of the Arts and Culture Department and of the greater arts and culture community; and advocate as individuals, as appropriate, on behalf of arts and culture.


Date and Time:

The Board meets the fourth Thursday of every other month beginning in July at 4:00 p.m.
Location: Mesa Arts Center, One East Main Street, third floor (across the Bridge) south Studios conference room, unless otherwise posted.  The Board welcomes any comments and/or concerns.


Board Members:

Annalisa Alvrus Term expires 6/30/24
Katelyn Armbruster

Term expires 6/30/24
Angela Buer

Term expires 6/30/25
Colleen Byron Term expires 6/30/24
Greg DeSimone Term expires 6/30/26
Bradley Peterson Term expires 6/30/26
Melvin Van Vorst  Term expires 6/30/26
Nick Willis Term expires 6/30/25


As of 4/24/24