Mesa Arts Center Foundation

Mesa Arts Center Foundation

The mission of Mesa Arts Center is to invite all people to create and discover entertaining, challenging, and diverse art and arts experiences within joyous, dynamic, and welcoming environments. The non-profit Mesa Arts Center Foundation is a community-driven, volunteer-run fundraising organization for Mesa Arts Center.


Mesa Arts Center Foundation’s mission is to engage with Mesa Arts Center to support the arts through community advocacy, philanthropy and service.


In support of the Mesa Arts Center, Foundation board members 

  • Advocate for Mesa Arts Center and the arts through personal contacts, public speaking, letters and calls to newspapers and public officials and agencies and other means
  • Ensure that the City of Mesa provides adequate financial support for maintaining Mesa Arts Center as a robust venue and community space for performing and visual arts
  • Raise funds for Mesa Arts Center’s youth and adult community engagement and access programs

The Mesa Arts Center Foundation's Board members are elected and serve voluntarily in various positions. Board members are engaged in fundraising, support and advocacy efforts on behalf of Mesa Arts Center. If you are interested in joining the Board, please contact Paula Gibson at or (415) 505-9431.




Effective September 1, 2021


Chair                                                             Heidi Kimball


Vice Chair                                                     Mike Hutchinson


Secretary                                                      Spencer Dickson


Treasurer                                                      Rebeca Macia


Past Chair                                                     Jo Wilson



Standing Committee Chairs


            Effective September 1, 2021


Arts at the Center                                         David Kavanagh


Business and Corporate Engagement         John Lewis


Governance and Development                    Paula Gibson


Legacy Giving                                              Mike Hutchinson


Special Projects                                           Traci Ahlstrom Beagley


MAC Store                                                   Mark El-Tawil


Membership Sub-Committee                      Lisa Knowles

(under Governance and Development)      Shantelle Serrano



NOTE: All Officers & Standing Committee Chairs are members of the Executive Committee.



Board Members


Effective September 1, 2021


                       Sheenam Arora


Grant Baecker 


Judson Ball


Traci Ahlstrom Beagley*


Robert Caldwell


Juan Carrillo


Alexis Cosca


Dr. Louis F. (Lou) Cuoco


Spencer Dickson


Mark El-Tawil*


Joanie Flatt


Paula Gibson*


Mike Hutchinson*


Dennis Kavanaugh*


Heidi Kimball


Lisa Knowles*


Andrew Lanoie


John D. Lewis*


Rebeca Macia


Dr. Jason Davids Scott


Shantelle Serrano*


Jo Wilson


Marilyn T. Wilson


                        * denotes Standing Committee Chair





City of Mesa Councilmember Julie Spilsbury


Are you interested in having your educational or arts organization perform on one of the beautiful world-class stages at Mesa Arts Center? Would you enjoy a day or night in the spotlight? If so, then consider applying for a Mesa Arts Center Foundation (MACF) grant awarded via the popular Arts at the Center Program.


Up to six Arts at the Center grant recipients are chosen each year to present a performance or activity on one of MAC’s stages or in one of its other spaces (studios, outdoor spaces). Theater seating can accommodate from 100 to 1,500 attendees, depending upon the selected space and the type and size of presentation. 


An Arts at the Center grant allows presenters to

(1) have the facilities rental fee waived and

(2) receive up to $1,000 in financial support to offset some of the related production costs.

Arts at the Center grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 
There are still openings available and application for performance opportunities is strongly encouraged. 


We’ve made it easy! A simple Letter of Interest form is your first step.



  • Round 2 is for projects between Jan 1 – Jun 30, 2022.
  • Round 2 LOI’s are DUE SEPT 1, 2021.
  • Selected applicants will be NOTIFIED BY OCT 1 and sent a short application, which must be returned by OCT 21.
  • Award Notification: By NOV 15.


To download the letter of interest form, click here. 


Renee Lopata, Mesa Arts Center Foundation, c/o Mesa Arts Center, PO Box 1466, Mesa, AZ 85211-1466




While we are optimistic that MAC Theaters will be able to open in September as planned, please remember that there is still some uncertainty about the trajectory of the pandemic, leaving the possibility that higher levels of COVID infection or lower than anticipated numbers of people vaccinated could result in cancellations or protocol changes at the outset of the season. Ultimately, we must follow the direction of the City Council and Governor.


In the event that we do need to add distancing requirements, we ask all applicants to consider alternate plans that would reduce capacities to enable distancing, should that be needed. These needn’t be submitted, just included in your internal planning and financial projections.


Due to particular considerations for managing, transporting and seating school groups, school organizations that are considering applying for venue usage to Arts @ the Center may want to consider delaying their programs until winter/spring.


2019-2020 Grant Recipients

Alice Cooper’s The Rock Teen Center-Proof is in the Pudding

Dobson Montessori

Mesa Arts Academy-Willy Wonka


2017-2018 Grant Recipients

Arete Preparatory Academy

Arizona School for the Arts

Dobson Montessori School

Harmony Project

Mesa Arts Academy

Montessori International School


2016-2017 Grant Recipients

Arete Preparatory Academy

Arizona School for the Arts

Dobson Montessori School

Harmony Project

Kyrene del Pueblo Middle School

Mesa Arts Academy


2015-2016 Grant Recipients

Arizona School for the Arts

Dobson Montessori School

Mesa Arts Academy

Symphony of the Southwest

Tanner Community Development

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