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Mesa Arts Center
PO Box 1466
Mesa, AZ 85211-1466

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Mesa Arts Center
One East Main Street
Mesa, AZ 85201



Richard M. Parison, Jr., Director of Arts and Culture, City of Mesa Executive Director, Mesa Arts Center

Illya Riske, Assistant Director, Operations and Administration, City of Mesa, Department of Arts and Culture, 480-644-6605

Mandy Tripoli, Deputy Director - Visual Arts and Engagement, 480-644-6609

Randall Vogel, Deputy Director, Performing Arts/Theaters, 480-644-6603

Fatima Freig, Financial Specialist, 480-644-6551

Kimberly Thomas-Reese, Administrative Support Assistant II, 480-644-6602

Lynette Donaldson, Financial Specialist, 480-644-4899

Sarah Goedicke, Management Assistant, 480-644-6607

Adrienne Manning, Administrative Support Assistant II, 480-644-6524

Linda Klosterman, Artist Relations, 480-644-6584


Art Studios

Laura Wilde, Studios Manager, 480-644-6541

Tracy Lambert, Studios Program Assistant, 480-644-6538

Troy Moody, Lead Glass Instructor, 480-644-7465

Jesse Armstrong, Lead Ceramics Instructor, 480-644-6532

Casey Hanrahan, Lead Ceramics Technician, 480-644-6528

Jenny Vaughn, Lead Jewelry Instructor, 480-644-6530

Matt Smith, Lead Metal Sculpture Instructor, 480-644-7464

Hannah Cisneros, Lead Paint/Print/Photo Instructor, 480-644-6529

Sonia Payan, Youth Lead Instructor, 480-644-6541


Box Office/Registration

Andrew Douglas, Director of Ticketing, 480-644-6507

Tonia Litchy, Box Office & Registration Supervisor, 480-644-6506

Michael Avila, Box Office & Registration Supervisor, 480-644-6504

Jonathan Sinica, Reservation & Registration Support Assistance, 480-644-6523

Vickie Wildermuth, Reservation & Registration Support Assistance, 480-644-6522


Campus Operations/Security

Robby Elliott, Director of Operations, 480-644-6597

Troy Buckey, Facility System Specialist, 480-644-6592

Joe Pruna, Operations Foreman, 480-644-4590



Hillary West, Interim Development Manager, 480-644-6615

Michael Wallot, Membership Coordinator, 480-644-6604



Tomás Stanton, Engagement Manager, 480-644-2162

Jessica Seger, Engagement Associate, 480-644-6564

Danica Marlin, Community Engagement Specialist, 480-644-6627

Sarah Dolens-Moon, Arts Learning Specialist, 480-644-3652

Monique Espinoza, Literacy Specialist, 480-644-6621

Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker, Festivals and Special Events Manager, 480-644-6540


Event Services

Jaime Kenney, Event Services Supervisor, 480-644-6580

Eli Schellinger, Event Services Coordinator, 480-644-6511

Jenn Fecteau, Event Services Coordinator, 480-644-6534

Courtney Holton, Event Services Coordinator, 480-644-6517

Kara Chesser, Front of House Coordinator, 480-644-6582

Yishey Gonzalez, Event Services Administrative Assistant, 480-644-6589

Eileen Cary, Event Services Administrative Assistant, 480-644-6645


Volunteer Office

Michelle Prosser, Volunteer Coordinator, 480-644-4695


Food & Beverage

Yesenia SeguraVilla, Food & Beverage Supervisor, 480-644-6641

Brenda Jimenez, Food & Beverage Specialist, 480-644-6640


Marketing & Public Relations

Kristin McLeod, Director of Marketing & Communications, Mesa Arts Center; Marketing Director, Arts & Culture, City of Mesa 480-644-6622

Amanda Urrea, Public Relations Manager, 480-644-6620

Erin Bryan, Marketing/Communications Specialist, 480-644-6624

Sarah Aguirre, Administrative Support Assistant I, 480-644-6614


Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum

Tiffany Fairall, Chief Curator, 480-644-6562

Mary-Beth Buesgen, Associate Curator, 480-644-6561

Frank Gonzales, Preparator, 480-644-6563

Judy Dahms-Brouillard, Registrar, 480-644-6565

Cinda Smith, Visitor Services



Mike Johnson, Theater Technical Supervisor, 480-644-6617

Earl Fortner, Assistant Theater Technical Supervisor, 480-644-6588

Catelyn Booth, Theater Technical Coordinator

Kevin Hull, Theater Technical Coordinator

Andrew Kofile, Theater Technical Coordinator

Christian Hake, Theater Technical Coordinator