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Once a year, Australia’s most famous reef turns into a snow globe, as millions of coral polyps reproduce to send the next generation afloat. However, this incredible display disguises a harsh truth: the Great Barrier Reef is under attack. More than half of the coral there has died in our lifetimes, with climate change bleaching much of this vast natural landscape. But don’t give up hope! There is still plenty to see and plenty to save in this reef and others around the globe. Discover thousands of species that live in these underwater jungles with marine biologist Dr. Erika Woolsey and find out how scientists and citizens are fighting to protect reefs of the world.

About Erika Woolsey

National Geographic Explorer Dr. Erika Woolsey is a marine biologist, divemaster, and virtual reality filmmaker. Her research and career has taken her to reefs all over the planet. Erika carried out her PhD research in Australia, studying the Great Barrier Reef. She is the chief scientist and CEO of The Hydrous, a non-profit organization on a mission to “inspire ocean empathy and marine stewardship.” Erika uses 360-degree photography to create immersive virtual reality videos to help people understand the ocean and reefs from anywhere in the world.

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