Grand Opening & Public Unveiling:  April 2, 2016

Artist: Daily tous les jours, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Mesa Musical Shadows is generously supported by a grant from ArtPlace America. It is part of the 21st Century Cafe Society Project, a multi-phase initiative to create a welcoming and activated environment at MAC's north entry plaza.



Join us for a special event to celebrate the completion of Mesa Musical Shadows, Saturday, April 2, 2-3:30 p.m. The event will include:

  • music and refreshments,
  • remarks from Mesa Vice Mayor Dennis Kavanaugh and Councilmember Chris Glover,
  • a special performance of a commissioned dance piece to be performed with the artwork,
  • ribbon cutting,
  • and an opportunity to be one of the first people to “play” the piece!


Mesa Musical Shadows is a new interactive work of public art being unveiled at Mesa Arts Center on April 2. The artwork will be activated by the shadows cast by members of the public who walk near and across sensors in the plaza. Each sensor will respond to changes in light, which will trigger different melodic or percussive sounds, emitted through speakers embedded in the plaza. If multiple sensors are activated by a group of people playing together, a complex composition can be created.


Four distinct musical scores have been created for the artwork, which will change as each day progresses. Morning, Midday, Evening and Night scores were composed to reflect the mood of the time of day and the changing length of the shadows.


Mesa Arts Center engaged the artist firm, Daily tous les jours, to conduct on-site research, define objectives and develop a conceptual prototype of a public artwork to be located on MAC’s north plaza. To help develop their conceptual design, the firm conducted three public workshops to collect feedback, ideas, and recommendations. The workshops were attended by about 60 local community members as well as Arizona State University architecture students.


In the next phase, the artist executed preliminary design, prototyping of the project, refinements and final design. Installation of the final public art project was accomplished in March 2016. Titled “Mesa Musical Shadows,” the artwork consists of light sensors and small speakers embedded in a geometric arrangement of colored concrete tiles, placed flush to the concrete plaza surface outside the north Ikeda Theater lobby, opposite the Center Street light rail station.


Please join us for the unveiling of this exciting new addition to the Mesa Arts Center campus!