For more information or to request a rental date call Event Services at 480-644-6589 or email


Tom and Janet Ikeda Theater

The beautiful canyon-inspired interior of this theater seats up to 1,571 patrons on three levels. The auditorium has been designed with adjustable acoustics to accommodate a variety of musical presentations from symphonies to jazz quartets to soloists.


Virginia G. Piper Repertory Theater

Known as "The Garden Theater" for its layering of subtle tones of green color, this theater features up to 553 seats on two levels. The auditorium has been designed to bring audiences as close as possible to the stage, creating an inviting, intimate experience.


Nesbitt-Elliott Playhouse

Featuring a colorful design and steeply-raked seating for clear sightlines, the whimsical design of this theater provides a playful atmosphere for 200 patrons.


Anita Cox-Farnsworth Studio Theater

This "black box" theater measures 1,600 square feet, with a capacity of up to 99 people. The Studio Theater can be configured for theater, cabaret, receptions, meetings, and exhibitions.




Q: What is the difference between commercial/industrial/not-for-profit pricing?  Which one describes my organization?
A: Industrial pricing is for corporate organizations hosting events.  Commercial pricing is a general designation that fits most organizations without an official not-for-profit status.  Not-for-profit pricing is reserved for organizations that provide proof of a 501(c)-3 federal tax designation.

For more information, please see our rental rates or contact Event Services at 480-644-6589.


Q: Do you donate space for fundraisers or special events?
A: It is not in Mesa Arts Center's policy to donate space.  However, we are happy to discuss your budget with you to see if we can make your event affordable at our facility.


Q: How do I check available dates or reserve a venue?  What is your booking policy?
A: You can email Event Services at to check for available dates or to request more information.
To hold a date on the calendar, you will need to fill out a Venue Application Form.  After a date is put on hold for your event, we will contact you to discuss your event in detail and will prepare an estimate of costs.
We will send you a license agreement once the estimate is approved and the date and times are confirmed.  A non-refundable deposit is due upon signing.
For more information, please contact Event Services at 480-644-6589.


Q: What ticket system do you use?  Can we use our own system for tickets?
A: We use AudienceView Ticketing Systems exclusively for ticketing.  This is an all-in-one system that offers online, phone, and walk-up box office purchases.


Q: What are facility restoration fees?
A: This fee is applied to all tickets sold for performances at the Mesa Arts Center and is used for the upkeep of the facility and equipment.  This fee must be built into the price of tickets offered by all users.  Non-ticketed performance events will be charged a flat fee based on the theater used.


Q: What other fees might ticket buyers see when purchasing tickets to an event?
A: Ticket buyers may have additional service and delivery fees depending on how they purchase their tickets.  There are no service or delivery fees when tickets are directly purchased at the box office. For more information on current service and delivery charges, please contact Event Services at 480-644-6589.


Q: What technical staff can you provide? 
A: We provide a technical supervisor and technical staff for each event at an hourly rate per technician.  Please note that we do not provide videographers or stage managers.  Contact Event Services for more information at 480-644-6511.


Q: Can I bring my own technical crew?
A: All crew assignments are subject to approval from the Technical Director. Each theater requires a minimum number of crew members provided by the venue.


Q: Do you require insurance for events?
A: We require a certificate of general liability insurance for most events.  Please contact Event Services at 480-644-6589 for more information.