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“Desert Rose Project" is a captivating band that pays homage to the legendary musician and songwriter, Sting. With their impeccable musicianship and heartfelt performances, this talented group takes audiences on a nostalgic journey through the iconic hits of the renowned artist.


Led by Stanley Serrano, the band captures the essence of his distinctive sound. They skillfully recreate timeless classics such as "Every Breath You Take," “Fields of Gold," "Shape of My Heart," and "Englishman in New York," while also delving into lesser-known gems from his vast discography. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres, including rock, reggae, jazz, and pop, “Desert Rose Project" seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of sounds, reflecting the multifaceted brilliance of Sting's compositions. Their intricate arrangements and electrifying performances ensure that every member of the audience is left captivated and moved by the music.


The band's dedication to authenticity shines through their attention to detail, from the faithful recreation of instruments to the seamless harmonies reminiscent of Sting. As they take the stage, they transport fans back to the golden era of Sting's career, while also introducing a new generation to the timeless magic of his music. Whether you're a lifelong fan of Sting or a newcomer to his tunes, “Desert Rose Project" guarantees an unforgettable experience filled with nostalgia, energy, and pure musical talent. Step into the world of this remarkable tribute band, and let them immerse you in the unforgettable melodies that have touched hearts worldwide for decades.


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