Through mystical and spiritual themes, Visionary Art transcends our physical realm and vividly conceptualizes a sublime state of consciousness. This exhibition brings together sixteen national and international Visionary artists, who use a variety of mediums and subject matter to capture their own journey toward a deeper understanding and awareness. From sculpted mushroom embellished deities to dreamlike mandala paintings to metaphysical nods to nature through calligraphic writing, these forms of creative expression encompass a broad range of perspectives and provide new lenses for seeing a higher reality.

Opening Reception: Friday, Sep 10, 2021 (6-10pm)

FREE and OPEN to the Public!


Marco Albarran (Mesa, AZ)
Kelsey Brookes (Los Angeles, CA)

Michael Campbell (San Francisco, CA)

CRYPTIK (Los Angeles, CA)
Daniel Martin Diaz (Tucson, AZ)
Chris Dyer (Montreal, Canada)
Martina Hoffmann (Lyon, France)
Android Jones (Lyons, CO)
Krystleyez (Milwaukee, WI)

Kyllan Maney (Phoenix, AZ)
Ben Ridgeway (San Francisco, CA)
Reynaldo Christopher Surposa (Wheat Ridge, CO)
Jen Stark (Los Angeles, CA)
Beth Ames Swartz (Paradise Valley, AZ)
Peter Westermann (Denver, CO)

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