ArtEDvantage is a virtual professional development series for teaching artists that provides series of workshops meant to enhance skills both inside and outside of the classroom.  


As a teaching artist, you are both an educator and an entrepreneur, and your success relies heavily on your ability to navigate both worlds. 


Deadline to register: June 3


Inside the Classroom:  

  • Classroom Management  
  • Curriculum Development 
  • Brave Space Pedagogy 
  • Child Development 
  • Self Care Social-Emotional Health 


Outside the Classroom: 

  • Telling your story / Grant writing  
  • Financial planning (Budgeting, Taxes, and Business structure) 
  • Marketing & Branding 


  • 10- Welcome, Brave Space, Values 
  • 17- Self Care & Social-Emotional Health w/ Brittany Johnson 
  • 24- Self Care & Social-Emotional Health w/ Brittany Johnson 


  • 1- Child Development 
  • 8- Curriculum Design 
  • 15 - Telling your story / Grant writing 
  • 22- Financial planning I (Budgeting & Taxes, Business structure)  
  • 29 - Marketing & Branding w/ Dennis Gable


Tomas Stanton, Engagement Manager 

Natalie Booth, Arts Learning Specialist  

Brittany Johnson, LPC, CSAT-C

Myrlin Hepworth, Co-Founder of Phonetic Spit 

Dennis Gable, Brand Producer 


Arts EDvantage is generously funded by Steele Foundation.