About the Project: 

The Faces of Mesa podcast series explores individual truths through the Honest Poem framework and expands on these topics in conversation. 


The Faces of Mesa podcast project highlights unity within the diversity of Mesa’s community and serves as a "snapshot" of our community—neighbors, friends, families and strangers, who perhaps aren’t so strange.


The Honest Poem: 

The Honest Poem is an entry route to understanding each individual. Exploring favorites, firsts, fears, and dreams drafts a constellation of the individual before the expanded discussion.  This podcast is based in Mesa Arizona and produced in the Mesa Arts Center Co-Lab Studio.


Honest Poem Example


How to Interview:

We each bring a unique perspective informed by interests, life experience, values and personality. Are you interested in interviewing on this project? We want you! This project relies on community participation, get involved by completing this form:


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