This year's Festival of Creativity will feature an exhibition of 15 art cars, multiple hot rods and lowriders, and interactive arts experiences for people of all ages. spark! celebrates the imaginative spark in all of us, by showcasing Arizona artists and performers and inviting visitors to explore and enjoy live music, aerial dance performances, hands-on experiences, live art-making, installations, demonstrations, a variety of foods, a beer, wine and cocktail area and more.




Curated by Harrod Blank, Art Car World (Douglas, AZ)

Festival goers are invited to arrive by 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 17 to view the grand arrival of the arts cars and art cycles listed below.


Art Cars

Bohemian Rhapsody, by Rodney Woods

California Fantasy Van, by Ernie Steingold

Camera Van, by Harrod Blank

Daisy Singer, by Philo Northrup

Dragon Car, by Austin College Art Department (currently being constructed)

Eye Van, by Rodney Woods

For the Birds Art Car, by Marilyn Dreampeace and Kelly Lyles

J Girl, by Diane Bombshelter

Madonna Car, by Jose Benavides

Miss Vicky, by Dean Pauley

Mondrian Mobile, by Emily Duffy

Nevada Car, by David Best

Owl Car, by Kate Pearson

Ploppet Car, by Kyle and Claire Johnson

Wrought Iron VW, by Joe Gomez


Art Cycles

Copper Motorcycle, by Rusty Tidenberg

Copper V8 Motorcycle, by Rusty Tidenberg

phoenix festivals outdoor concerts Image

Led by Harrod Blank and Kyllan Maney, Mesa Arts Center’s Art Studio teachers are collaborating with Harrod Blank, artist Kyllan Maney and community members to create art car inspired by the flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert. The exterior will be covered with cactus and succulents ranging in size and texture, created out of metal, glass and painted directly on the car. The interior, inspired by the “heart” of the Mesa Arts Center community, will be created by visitors to the festival. They will be invited to create and add a piece to the car during the event. The finished piece will be permanently installed in Art Car World in Douglas, AZ.

Lead artist Elliott Kayser, (Tempe, AZ), a dining room table set in the style of a classical still-life painting, complete with ceramic serviceware, will be created prior to the event. During the festival, colorful clay will be given out to festival-participants with a prompt: to make food that they associate with family tradition. Performers dressed as waiters will compose and arrange the finished “food” within the still-life. Over the course of the spark! Festival, food will be piled high, overflowing from the plates and service ware.

Dance performances, by CaZo Dance (Mesa, AZ) and Dark Sky Aerial (Flagstaff, AZ), CaZo Dance and Dark Sky Aerial will perform 14 times during the two-day festival, including aerial dance performances off the wall of the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum courtyard, in the courtyard and with several of the featured art cars.

Interactive Chalkboard Car, by Kyllan Maney (Tempe, AZ), A 1981 BMW 528 car will be pre-installed with chalkboard paint on the exterior and black lights in the interior. Festival goers will be invited to color the car in a pre-planned design with chalkboard markers. Vinyl chalkboard shaped birds will be temporarily adhered to the ground making pathways to the interactive art car, to mimic shadows the birds flying overhead.

Kinetic Sculptures, by Matt Smith (Mesa, AZ), Six kinetic metal sculptures 7-10 feet in height will spin freely above a four-foot platform. The “dancers,” as they are referred to by the artist, brightly colored and inviting, to encourage people of all ages to interact by stepping onto the platform and playfully spinning the sculptures with their hands, becoming part of the dance.

The Night Garden, by Jenneva Kayser, (Tempe, AZ), A colorful, illuminated landscape inspired by bioluminescent plants and fungi will be created on site and will consist of sculptures made of woven recycled fabric and translucent porcelain clay. The artist invites visitors to “take a walk through the wild landscape—an underwater desert in outer space!”

Water, Wind and Solar: A Sculpture Garden, by Matt Smith and students

Students in Mesa Arts Center’s welding classes will create and install sculptures inspired by and powered by water, on the South Lawn of Mesa Arts Center’s campus. Sculptures will utilize wind and water to become “art in motion.”