By using an advanced 3D sound system and blindfolding their audience, Earfilms create immersive, audio‐only storytelling experiences, designed to empower and engage listeners’ imaginations without sight prompted visual imagery. They tell their stories through a combination of live narration and detailed soundscapes that create an atmospheric world #ToSleepToDream
@MesaArtsCenter Smart is the new superpower and two of this planet's most entertaining heroes are coming to rescue you from boredom…
@MesaArtsCenter You’re invited, to a Mardi Gras evening under the stars with New Orleans style cocktails, Cajun fare & entertainmen…
@MesaArtsCenter We’re simply thrilled to welcome back @Simply_Three #yassss #SOLDOUT
It's February... "Love is in the Air" and Art and Music is everywhere...Thanks to the Creative Catalyst Group in Mesa! This
There have been hints of changes around the bend for the Creative Catalyst group. Hints of mission statements and innovative
One of the things we LOVE to do as Creative Catalysts is bring art to unexpected places. Infusing an element of creativity into