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M-F: 8:00a - 5:00p

One East Main Street
Mesa, Arizona 85201



The mission of the Mesa Arts Center is to inspire people through engaging arts experiences that are diverse, accessible, and relevant.Through our vibrant education and outreach programs, unique and high quality opportunities are accessed by people of all ages.


Our education and outreach programs continue to weave the Center’s artists and cultural experiences into the lives of the community. The experiences we provide enrich cultural understanding that strengthens communities, provide personal engagement with the arts and are delivered through a series of partnerships with community organizations, schools and entities.


Download our 2014-2015 Education & Outreach Brochure



The Mesa Arts Center Education and Outreach Programs:

  • Engaging students in meaningful opportunities to learn, engage
    with artists, attend live performances, create art and develop
    skills critical to a 21st Century education.
    Working with YOU, to cultivate programs that create a
    community that comes together to celebrate and share
    experiences in arts and culture.
    Supporting engagement in the arts as a critical component to a
    healthy and active community, accessible to all lifelong learners.
    Weave the Center’s artists and cultural experiences into the lives of the community
  • Enrich cultural understanding
  • Provide personal engagement with the arts
  • Partner with artists, community organizations, schools and entities


Ways to Engage: As the Mesa Arts Center continues to expand its outreach into the community; we want you to contact us with your ideas, projects and partnership ideas! Contact US at or 480-644-6540.



Our Impact:

Last season, Mesa Arts Center captivated the imaginations of over 41,392 students throughout the valley in over 215 schools.


63 Teaching Artists have continuously supported the creation of culturally diverse outreach programs which enabled the MAC to engage with over 53,920 lifelong learners.


Click here to see hightlights of our programming from Channel 11!


“I lost my fear of "doing art" and my fear of not being as good as others in the class.”

                                                                                88 year old, Creative Aging Participant



“Participating in the Basic Arts program, I saw students realize they could make a choice that was different from their peers without judgment.”                                                                                                                                            Lowell Elementary School Teacher



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