Milagros Zingoni

Master in Interior Architecture students



S. Robson St.

#21 on map 


Pause and Play 


This project will explore the relationship between design and build, academia and community, theory and practice, and learning by making and playing. All these, while looking for deep and complex relations that connect interdisciplinary fields related to the making of atmospheres for children in the context of culture.


The graduate studio in Interior Architecture will collaborate with youth from the City of Mesa through a series of workshops to explore culture through the eyes of children as the first phase of the design process. Design with rather than designing for, not only has a greater impact in the sense of belonging of the installation, but it also exposes the youth to a college and community outreach experience.


Pause and Play offers the opportunity for social practice and collective action between children from the City of Mesa and MIA students in the ideation process of the installation.


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