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Spark! Festival: Bucket List

March 10, 2017

We are so ecstatic to be developing our Bucket List Project for the upcoming spark! Mesa’s Festival of Creativity at Mesa Arts Center. Every year this event blows us away with the level of skill by the artists who pour all of their time, energy, and love into their magical projects. This year, we are so excited to learn from the community what their dreams, desires, and ambitions are as they creatively express their bucket list items for a collaborative finished art piece that will hang on the north pergola. As we work hard to prepare all of the elements of this project, we can’t help but talk about our own dreams and ambitions. Traveling the world, falling in love in Italy, making our friends and family happy, keeping bees and harvesting honey, flying a plane… the list can go on and the possibilities are endless.

This project came to fruition as the result of one person’s bucket list item: the desire to be a part of an inspiring and creative group. One of our CC members sent an email expressing how being a part of this group has reminded her of the things she wanted to do a long time ago, but had placed on a shelf and forgotten about. Inspired by the many creative opportunities and the natural friendships, she wanted to find a way to remind others of the things they might have forgotten they care about. Enter the Bucket List Project. Join us and rediscover your dreams March 17th & 18th at spark! Mesa’s Festival of Creativity from noon-10pm. We can’t wait to meet you!

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