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Opening Reception | Friday, Sept 12, 2014 (7-10pm)


10 x 10 Benefit Show and Sale

Thurs, Oct 10, 2013 (6-8pm)

Friday, October 4 - Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mesa Contemporary Arts

Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum (MCA) is pleased to announce its Fifth Annual 10 x 10 Benefit Show & Sale, which features the work of more than 100 artists from Arizona and beyond. Participating artists were asked to create an original work (2-D or 3-D) of art in keeping with the 10 x 10" theme. The competed pieces will be on display at MCA from Oct 4 -13 and sold at the reception on Oct 10. Each piece will be available for $100. Budding artists 18 years of age and younger were also invited to customize a 5 x 5 inch canvas, which will be sold for $25 each. First come, first pick! Doors open at 6pm sharp! All proceeds benefit MCA exhibitions and educational programs. 


Participating Artists:

Sierra Abels

Brent Adrian

Lisa Albinger

Emily Anshen

Connor Arthur

Tiffany Bailey

Carol Balyozians

Majorie Barritt

Rebecca Bergman

Jesse Bergman

Sandy Blain

Marsha Blumm

Elena Bornacini

Meaghan Borrego

Jason Breitenbucher

Christina Brown

Mathew Bryant

Mina Caldera

Emily Caldera

Josi Callan

Susan Canasi

Silvia Carrillo

Christine Cassano

Antonio Castro

Claudia Castro

Antonette Cauley

Marie Celona

Ashley Cleveland

Barb Collins

Julie Comnick

Claire Cooke

Lori Cove

Ashlee Craig

Sarah De Jesus

Dair Decrert

Stevie Denny

Sabrina Dillman

Ingrid Donaldson

Kyra Dormek

Deja Douglas

Kathleen Escobedo

Deborah J. Etcheson

Jeff Falk

Fiona A. Feighner

Evan Fenning

Carol Fincher-Young

John Finkey

Linda Fitzgerald

Michelle Frazer

Claudia Funkhouser

Gloria Gaddis

Jasmine George

Louis Giordano

Kylie Godwin

Gillian Harry

Susan Hearn

Jeff Heed

Kelly Hicks

Dennis Alan Hubert

Keith J Imes

James Jeffries

Mary Ann Jeschor

Jan Johnson

Stephen Jones

Michelle Kako

Julie Kaufmann

Richard Kelly III

Dale Kesel

Thomas Kent Kirwan

Sheila Kollasch

Nadia Kunkel

Mayo Laulo

Larron Lerdall

Tonia Litchy

Laurence M. Loew

Annie Lopez

Kramer Losier

Sandra Luehrsen

Pat Manarin

Kyllan Maney

Jerry Marette

Jan Marshall

Tamaki Matsumoto

Nancy Matus

Jack McConnell

Danielle M. McEntire

Mike McIntyre

Debra McKee

Mary Meyer

Robert Michalski

Cynthia Miller

Raelani Miyagi

Daniela Moneta

Sharie Monsam

Troy Moody

Grace A. Moore

Iliana Morales

Luz Del Cielo Neely

Laurie Nessel

Farraday Newsome

Dianne Nowicki

Eveneida E. Pacheco

Alisa Pakiser

Lelaina Paul

Carole Perry

Linda Pullinsi

Jeff Reich

Jessica Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez

Emmett Ryan MD

Marina Rynning

Loraine Kay Sample

Irma Sanchez

David Sanders

Nolan Cash Sanguine

Rachel Saucedo

Farhana Shifa Ahmed

Alicia Short

Madeline Linsley Smidt

Tracy Smith

N. Lynn Smith

Stephanie Solis

Rita Spencer

Gene Swanstrom

Linda Taylor

Lennie To

Riglee Towe

Doug Trimble

Bryce Turner

Charlee Vinson

K Wasson

Ethan Weiss

Marcia Wenbert

Larry Willis

James E. Wilson

Peggy Wrobleski




Reception & Sale: Thurs, Oct 10, 2013, 6-8pm

- $10 per person at the door

- MCA & MAC Members (and one guest) get in free and 10% off their entire purchase. Patron Members receive 20% off their entire purchase.*

- Sweet treats will be served
- Cash Bar


Unsold artwork will remain on display and available for purchase through Sun, Oct 13th!


For Participating Artists:

- All artwork is due Sept 20 by 5pm
- Please have completed form along with work
- 2-D work must be 10 x 10 "; 3-D work must be contained to a 10 x 10 x 10" format
- Budding artists 18 years and under are invited to customize a 5 x 5 canvas
- Artist who contribute one piece receive 20% off their entire purchase and two donations receive 30%
- Participating artists (and one guest) get in free


* Become a Member today!

 Call Betty at 480.644.6567 

Thank you to all the artists for their generous contributions and for making this fundraiser possible!

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