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Mesa Arts Center Campus
Season Kick Off | September 11, 2015
Mesa Arts Festival | Dec 12 & 13, 2015

Center Info

Tickets: (480) 644.6500

Or Buy Online >

M-F: 10a - 7p
Sat: 10a - 5p
Sun: 12p - 4p

One East Main Street
Mesa, Arizona 85201


MACFest Licensee Waiver & Release



 Participation Rules, Guidelines and Tips for the 2012—2013 Season






1.  Location:  The MACFest event will be located on North Macdonald St., between Main St. and Pepper Pl., with this one-block section closed to vehicle traffic.  An information booth, manned by MACFest volunteers, will be located on the northeast corner of the Main and Macdonald intersection.  This corner will be the entry control point for registered artist-vendors.


2.  Event Schedule:  MACFest events will be held on the first and third (1st & 3rd) Saturdays of each month, October through April (14 total during 7 months).  Event hours will remain 10:00am to 4:00pm, with set-up beginning at 8:00am and take-down beginning at 4:00pm.



3.  Parking:  Vehicle parking for participating artists is provided at the southeast quadrant of N. Macdonald and Pepper; and, in the parking structure on the north side of Pepper, just east of the AZ Museum of Natural History.


4.  Restrooms:  Portable restrooms and washstand will be located in the enclosure at the northwest corner of the parking lot (SE corner of Macdonald & Pepper).


5.  Festival Map:  A map of the festival area is provided on the last page.


6.  Artist-vendor Registration:



  • New artist-vendors must first submit a signed Waiver/Release form to Mesa Arts Center (MAC) Box Office in order to receive a personal online user account number (see page 4 below to print).  This can be done via fax (480-644-6525), scanned email (, or in person.
  • Once registered and given an ARTIST ACCOUNT/LOGIN, MACFest artist-vendors can purchase exhibit spaces either at the Box Office or online at:
  • Artist-vendors who have already registered for previous seasons will be able to use their current login information and will NOT need to sign another Waiver.  To change an ARTIST ACCOUNT/LOGIN, artists may go online or contact the Box Office.
  • Online registration (after the first time registration and a personal ARTIST ACCOUNT/LOGIN are given):  please have debit/credit information available – an online Registration Guide will take you through the steps.
  • Artists may rent spaces, pay online and print exhibit space tickets at home.


7.  Exhibit Space Rental:  The MAC Box Office will continue to rent 10ft. X 10ft. spaces to artist-vendors at the rate of $20.00 (tax included) per event.  Specific space numbers will not be reserved.  Two exhibit space categories are established: (a) “C”-numbered spaces on the street shall require the artist-vendor to erect a canopy over his/her display. (b) “T”-numbered spaces on the raised curb area on each side of the street are intended for table/easel/rack displays without a canopy. 


Artist-vendors will receive a ticket voucher as proof of purchase with the space allocation identified by a block letter (C or T) and the event date.  All ticket purchases are non-refundable.  In the case of a MACFest event cancellation due to bad weather, purchased tickets will be honored for a later event, up through April.  Exhibit spaces can be purchased in advance for October through March.  April exhibit spaces will be reserved by the Box Office until March 1st for possible event cancellations (reschedule) due to bad weather.


A lanyard to hold the event ticket will be provided at the Box Office or at the MACFest Information Booth for artist-vendors to wear on their person; and, exhibitors are requested to keep the lanyard for subsequent events.  Lanyard/event ticket must be present on-site for proof-of-purchase for that given event.  


8.  Set-up and Take-down:  Due to space restrictions, one-way vehicle movement, in and out of the exhibit area, will be enforced for safety.  Upon arrival at the Main St. (south) entrance next to the Information Booth, artist-vendors will be asked to show their event ticket for that date.  During event set-up starting at 8:00am, occupation of spaces will be sequential, in order of artist-vendor arrival on site, beginning at the Main St. entrance, and progressing northward.  At 4:00pm, artist-vendors shall disassemble and pack their products and equipment in place.  Once their items are ready to load out, they may retrieve their vehicle and re-enter the exhibit area from the Main St. entrance.


9.  Exhibit/Display Equipment:  All equipment needed for exhibit must be furnished by the artist.  This includes canopy weights and shields for wind protection.  If electric power is needed, some 15-ampere ac-power outlets, provided by the city, are located on the raised curb areas near the exhibit spaces, but artist-vendors must provide their own extension cords.  Packing materials and clutter must not be visible in the exhibit space from visitor/pedestrian viewpoint.  Artist-vendors are reminded to ensure personnel safety by preventing hazards, such as protrusions of sharp objects in and around the exhibit space, broken glass, spilled liquids, etc.


10.  Exhibit/Display Restrictions/Requirements:

  • No alcoholic beverages and no smoking in exhibition areas as per State Law.
  • No gas/propane heaters in exhibit space or surrounding area for safety reasons.
  • Transactions and delivery of product are the responsibility of the registered artist.
  • Must have valid State and City of Mesa tax licenses (suggest you have both available on site).
  • NO PETS ALLOWED.  Guide or service dogs must be identified as such and must be leashed and/or in portable kennels at all times.
  • No liquid gasoline or propane canisters may be used on site.


11.  Standards:  

  • MACFest is committed to upholding high standards of artistic products and display.  Artists must be present at their booths to sell their own work.  Exceptions may be necessary from time to time (due to lunch or restroom breaks, illness etc.), but the MACFest is a “Made by Me” festival, and the public will expect to meet the artists.  Only quality, original, handmade works of arts and crafts will be exhibited by the artists themselves (“made by me”). In general, this includes original work made substantially by hand, wherein the skill and technique of manipulating glass, metal, wood, fiber, clay, and other materials is primary to the artistic process.  This includes paintings, drawings/sketches, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, decorative metal, glass or woodwork, quilting, etc.
  • Crafters of pre-packaged, non-perishable foods (e.g. salsas, condiments, jams/jellies, breads, canned olives, etc. that are not intended for consumption on site), health & hygiene items (soaps, lotions/potions, etc.), produced by the on-site craftsman, are encouraged to participate.  Exhibitors of pre-packaged, prepared foods must be in possession of all required permits and/or licenses.
  • Archival prints and copies can be exhibited, but a minimum of three original works by the exhibiting artist must be present within the exhibit space.
  • These Standards will be monitored by a MACFest Committee, which reserves the right to refuse participation in the festival due to non-compliance with these standards.


12.  Artist-vendor Tips:


  • We recommend that your exhibit area reflect a visual appeal complimentary to your art and craft; inviting, clean, and free of debris.
  • Consider the safety of others in display materials used at all times.
  • Consider the appropriateness of exhibited material, since this is a family friendly event. Consider having the following:
  • Access to Business Cards and printed material
  • Artist Bio/Portfolio material for public viewing
  • Guest sign-in book
  • Prepare for customer service; appropriate money exchange. Sell product with packaging/handling material.
  • Place all food waste and wrappers in nearby trash dispensers.
  • Ensure that your contact information is up-to-date by emailing with any changes.
  • E-blasts are sent regularly to keep you informed of new developments and changes to our program.
  • MACFest volunteers man the Information Booth on all event days from 8:00am to 4:00pm.  They are there to answer your and the public’s questions.
  • MACFest website:
  • MAC Box Office phone: 480-644-6500.  General information:
  • To be added to the artist email distribution list:
  • Sales tax information is available at:
  • MAC Box Office is located at the southwest corner of the Studios North building next to the exterior stair case and elevator.  Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm; Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 12pm-4pm.





MACFest Licensee Waiver & Release


Licensee acknowledges that Mesa City Code Section 9-2-3(B) provides:



Terms of Permit.  Encroachments into the public right-of-way for which a permit has been issued shall not exceed the terms, conditions, period of time, or extent specified by the permit, and the permit may be revoked at any time by the City Engineer.  The City Engineer shall not issue such permit until the applicant shall have executed and delivered to the City an undertaking to hold the City harmless of and from any liability of any nature resulting from any such encumbrance or obstruction being located within the right-of-way and releasing the City from any liability for an obligation to maintain the encroachment or for any damage thereto.  The applicant for a permit shall also agree in writing to remove same and restore the premises to the original condition without compensation and upon request by the City Engineer.


Based on the above, Licensee asserts the following:




I understand that the City of Mesa has extended a license to me that allow me to lawfully use designated City-owned real property, including public rights-of-way, in connection with MACFest’s permit.  I voluntarily waive, release, and discharge any claim I may have against the City of Mesa in connection with any defects of said property and accept my license of the property in “as-is” condition.  I agree to restore said property to the same condition in which I received it. 





I voluntarily agree to hold harmless the City of Mesa, its employees, supervisors, appointed officials, agents, representatives and volunteers from all event attendee(s) claims for all injuries that occur in connection with my use of the above referenced license, no matter how severe.  My agreement to the preceding sentence does not extend to any such claim or liability that is solely and exclusively caused by the gross negligence of the City of Mesa or its employees, supervisors, appointed officials, agents, representatives and volunteers.




Artist understands and grants permission for photographs, video and other recordings of artists, displays and their artwork made by MACFest, their agents, assigns, employees, may be used for promotional, advertising, archiving, and/or educational purposes by MACFest without remuneration to the artist. This includes, but is not limited to; use in news releases, print, television, and the MACFest website.


I agree to adhere to the MACFest requirements, and accept the MACFest Committee’s right to refuse access to the Festival in the case of non-compliance.



CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and agree to the MACFest Guidelines Tips, Policies and MACFest Artist Agreement Waiver. (REGISTRATION LINK IS NOT ACTIVE UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1st)






































































































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