School Break Camps

Mesa Arts Center's Art Studios programs regularly offer creative ways for school-age children to spend their school breaks--from half- to full-day and week-long arts experiences, the Art Studios teachers devise inventive and engaging workshops, activities and more that range from an introduction to total immersion in a variety of art mediums. 


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Summer Youth Programs are generously sponsored by Arizona Community Foundation and the Nancy Wolter Scholarship Fund.



Learn how to be confident and create fun and BIG characters for the stage in this weeklong immersive theater experience for youth! Parents can enjoy a short performance at the end of the camp week. 


Acting Camp for Youth | Ages 6-9 | 8am-12pm | M-F

June 3 - 7 | CYS19CMPLP001-01

June 10-14 | CYS19CMPLP001-02

June 17 - June 21 | CYS19CMPLP001-03

June 24 - June 28 | CYS19CMPLP001-04


Acting Camp for Teens | Ages 10 - 16 | 1-5pm

June 3 - 7 | CYS19CMPLP002-01

June 10 - June 14 | CYS19CMPLP002-02

June 17 - June 21 | CYS19CMPLP002-03

June 24 - June 28 | CYS19CMPLP002-04

foundry classes Drama kiln casting Image

In this ceramics summer arts camp, youth will get their hands dirty while experiencing the adventure of working with clay! They will enjoy hands-on creative projects that will guide them through the basic techniques of hand building, texture, glaze and more. Youth are encouraged to get creative as they create objects such as masks, totems, wind-chimes and other fun works of art. 


Ceramics Kids Camp | Ages 8-12 | 10am-12pm | T-F

June 18 - June 28 | 2 weeks | $180 | CYS19CMPDP001-01

July 9 - July 19 | 2 weeks | $180 | CYS19CMPDP001-02

Classes Ceramics sculpture Image

Calling all fashionistas! Do you have fashion design ideas in your head that you'd like to get down on paper? Have you ever wondered how a fashion designer creates their collection? In this weeklong program, you can learn how to do both. Camp participants will learn how to draw a fashion croquis (from photos/a projected image) by learning the geometric shapes that make up a figure. Design and illustration concepts will be presented through the use of brief slide presentations, the distribution of handouts and by reviewing current fashion magazines. Group discussions and one-on-one instruction will occur as needed.


Fashion Design & Illustration for Youth | Ages 10-13 | 9am-12pm | M-F

June 3 - 7 | $150 | CAS19DPPLC001-01


Fashion Design & Illustration for Teens | Ages 13-18 | 1-4pm | M-F

June 3 - 7 | $150 | CAS19DPPLC002-01


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